How to file content removal request in case of copyright infringement

2Conv.xyz obeys the individual rights of copyright and other intellectual rights, and we firmly advise our users to abide by the copyright law and obey our copyright law policy.

2Conv.xyz never permits any type of activity that is subject to copyright infringement on its platform and promptly takes actions to stop any copyrighted content from conversion or download through its platform as soon as we obtain such information.

2Conv.xyz services at a regular basis checks for any possibility of copyright infringement and strive to reduce such possibilities by monitoring such activities through its platform. We actively keep searching for any possible copyright infringing activities and check out such material and block the illegal conversion of commercial copyrighted content.

Prior to using any content any content, users are strictly advised to check it and obey the respective intellectual rights. Any activity which is deemed to be causing copyright infringement by user, will be punishable under copyright act.

If you are the owner or creator of a copyrighted content that is available on 2Conv.xyz platform and want us from converting or downloading it, we request you provide us a notification about such content through an email or by filing the copyright infringement notice by including the information mentioned below.

Email: [email protected]

  • Kindly include the URL or links of the content that you want us to block or remove. Do mention each link or URL in separate line.
  • Please provide us an evidence for the ownership of the content in electronic or physical form for the content said to have infringed copyright.
  • Provide description for the activities that is said to have infringed copyright law.
  • Please include your contact details that is sufficient to have a word with you, for example, telephone number, a correspondence address, a valid e-mail address, etc.